Maritime Injury Protection Under the Jones Act

Maritime workers are protected under the Jones Act, which establishes their right to file a lawsuit against their employer if they are injured on the job. In general, any injury that requires medical attention and time off work from your maritime job could allow you to file a claim.

Common injuries that could result in civil compensation under the Jones Act include:

Slip and Falls
Slip and Falls
Broken Bones, Fractures, or<br /> Separated Joints
Broken Bones, Fractures, or
Separated Joints
Severe Cuts and<br /> Scrapes
Severe Cuts and
Concussions or Other<br /> Head Injuries
Concussions or Other
Head Injuries

When seamen file a civil lawsuit against their employer, they generally need to prove that the injury happened during their regular maritime work as a result of employer negligence or an “unfit” vessel. Also, in order to be eligible for protection under the Jones Act, an individual must be defined as a “seaman,” meaning that they spend a minimum of 30 percent of their time working on a ship or other vessel.

These cases may present complexities throughout the legal process, so it is often important to hire a seasoned lawyer to help you with your case. A knowledgeable maritime attorney could help collect evidence to prove maritime employment, as well as determine an effective way of pursuing your claim.

Learn Your Rights as a Maritime Employee

If you are a maritime worker and have been injured on the job, you may be protected under the Jones Act. A maritime attorney with Laborde Earles Injury Lawyers could help you file a lawsuit and prepare it to be heard in court.

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